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Need help with your commu­nication ef­forts?

Are you looking for a partner to help you create and organize your online marketing and communication strategy, your websites and social media?

Choose ISI Media.

We will help you set up a well-defined plan of approach for ongoing dialogue with your customers or followers. At the right moment, through the right channels. In words and images. Making your online communication solid as a rock.

Personal, short and transparent lines of communication. Decisive answers. Communication advice and training that allows you to start immediately. That is what we do.


You can recognize ISI Media by up-to-date knowledge of online trends, excellent advice and coaching skills, flexibility and pleasant collaboration.

Communication advice

We influence each other all the time, everywhere. There is a continuum of action and reaction. Which is why the way your organization uses communication is essential. To optimize performance, operate in a sustainable way or to contribute to a better, ever changing society. This requires courage and power to get going.

Added value

Always include added value so that knowledge, attitude and behaviour changes in a positive way. This is true for small matters and large ones. Whether it concerns a press release, a new website, a new department, a reorganization or a merger. Strategic communication aims to enhance your reputation, gain customer confidence and maintain support within your organization.


Whether it concerns enhancing your reputation, turning issues into opportunities, or gaining and maintaining support and confidence among those involved: communication is important in all your strategic themes. What is it you stand for and what is your aim? We will help with your ‘why’ and the distinctiveness of your organization.

Building identity and image

Good strategic communication reduces the gap between perceived identity and desired identity, or internal identity and external identity. Make sure you come close to your desired identity and stay there. Build your identity as a guideline for cooperation within your organization, and with your stakeholders and customers.

Change is central

Change is central. Change surrounds us. New technology, innovation, a changing society. Wherever people meet, they influence each other. Therefore, it has no use communicating what people already know. You want change to take place, or your organization to adapt. You want your employees to change, or your customers. You want your existing service to improve, be cheaper or more elaborate. You want to offer new products and services or communicate that your personnel policy has improved. Making an effort without realizing change is not very useful.

Do you want to get more out of your commu­nication?

Do you have questions like this on your mind?

  • How will I get them on board?
  • Who will lead our communication project?
  • How can we bring back the magic in our communication?
  • Which content strategy would work best for us?
  • How can we tune our digital communication, from site to app, even better?

Then it’s time to make a move. ISI Media will help you reach a higher level. We’re like a good chef: we don’t compose a meal by using a cookery book but in collaboration with your organization and on the basis of our experience, principles and joint preferences. The right ingredients will lead to an excellent result.

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